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Bruce Jennings
Tim Wright
Donna A Tronolone

So pleased and satisfied!
I was convinced within the very first days of submission that Emily and Alystair were there to gently walk me through the unknown and handle my work with respect. Alystair’s constant communication assured me they would produce the best edition of my work. In addition Emily’s guidance with the sale and promotion of my book has been enlightening and encouraging. It’s been a wonderful experience. Sheer satisfaction working with Amazon Book Marketing Pros

Cyn Garrett

I have published two other books-Nothing compares!
I have published two other books, both from an established house publishing company. I decided to give Amazon Book Marketing Pros a try. One word: Amazing!! I have had more interaction with this team in three weeks than I had in the last four years from my last book publisher. They have given me more feedback, engaged in more dialect, offered more expertise and actually listened to me vs simply following a template process. This has been an amazing experience characterized by a true partnership.

David Hulings

absolutely the best!
It's a process that's new to me so when I find myself blessed with a project manager like Emily Brown, I am at ease. She has made the experience equivalent to having a relative in the industry. I couldn't imagine trying it without her and will request her personally in the future. Want to try to publish? Ask for Emily Brown! I guarantee you will NOT be disappointed!


Great place to publish a poetry book
Those I have worked with directly Emily Brown and Shane Grey have been very encouraging and attentive regarding my book. This has been a learning experience for me about this model of alternative publishing. I definitely will work with Amazon Book Marketing Pros again.

Bruce Jennings

Shane Grey is my program manager and…
Shane Grey is my program manager and keeps me in the loop every day. He’s very hard-working, very detail, oriented, and very professional. I enjoy working with him very much.

Scott Kaye

Amazon made my experience very easy
Amazon made my experience very easy. Emily is always available for me. They guided me through the process of choosing a book cover, and editing. So, I can concentrate on writing! I'm excited to be working with Amazon!!!!

Tammy White

Thanks Shane Grey
Shane Grey has very helpful, courteous and professional

Doug Foxworth

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